DIGGA Auger Hire

We stock a wide range of augers to suit a wide range of excavator sizes. Various sizes are available and suitable for most excavators on the market. Southern Earthmoving Attachments offers short or long-term hires.

These quality Digga augers are manufactured right here in Australia and are made for Australian conditions. These augers are suitable for machines from 1T up to 30T.

Earth Augers (A Series): Bladed teeth for earth, clay or shale. All-purpose for general drilling.

The angle and geometry of the teeth to the pilot is the key to the efficiency in which these augers perform. Available in earth or multi-facet tungsten (MFT) braised onto the face of the teeth, providing longer wear life and greater cutting performance. Not suited to harder fracturable rock.

Rock/Combo Augers (RC Series): Taper teeth for all ground conditions. The ultimate all-performance auger.  No need to have two augers for different conditions. Ideal in all drilling conditions. Cut a clean clear hole in soft earth and clay and have the ultimate ripping ability in fracturable rock.

Dedicated Rock Augers (DR Series): Rotating Rock Picks for shale and fracturable rock. Heavy duty and efficient cutting head for the ultimate rock drilling auger

Heavy duty engineered design with high efficiency cutting heads to maximise your drilling performance. Fitted with a range of quality wear parts providing superior wear and performance.


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